Which Type Of Car Window Tint Is The Best Choice For Your Vehicle

Have you ever shopped for a luxury vehicle that looked amazing on the outside, only to discover that the sun had damaged the once beautiful leather interior, leaving it cracked, faded, and worn? Or maybe you own a vehicle with leather seats and are looking for a way to keep it looking great. It’s no secret that Arizona’s hot sun can quickly ruin leather interiors.

Fortunately, there is an affordable and effective way to proactively protect the leather interior in your vehicle: professional window tinting. Window tints are available in a variety of materials and can be applied to your vehicle in just a few hours. Mesa car window tinting applied by an experienced professional is the best way to ensure your leather will continue to look great for years to come. You’ll also enjoy increased privacy and a cooler interior as nearly all of the sun’s rays are blocked from entering into your vehicle.

Car Window Tint in Arizona

How Does The Sun Damage Leather Interior?

Whether the leather in your vehicle is genuine or manmade, it is susceptible to the sun’s UV rays, which break down the material on your vehicle’s interior, causing unattractive fading and cracking. A high quality Phoenix ceramic window tint is designed to block UV rays from entering through your vehicle’s windows, protecting the leather from inevitable damage. With proactive installation, you can feel confident that you are making the best decision to protect your vehicle’s interior from the sun’s rays so it will continue to look new.

Which Type Of Window Tint Is Best For My Vehicle?

Most vehicles receive some amount of window tint when they are assembled in the factory, typically in the 20% range. All types of window tint are measured by the percentage of light that can pass through them. A 20% window tint film will block 80% of the sunlight that shines on the vehicle. You can choose higher or lower percentages of window tint depending on what you want your vehicle to look like and how much protection you are looking for. It’s important to talk with your Arizona car window tinting professional about your goals for your window tint and the state laws to ensure your vehicle will be in compliance once the job is finished.

After you’ve checked on the same state law and determined what percentage of tint you want for your vehicle, you’ll need to decide which type of window tint you want applied.

The two most popular window tint options are:

Ceramic Tint

Considered by most professionals in the industry to be the best window tint option, ceramic tint excels at deflecting UV rays from the sun and provides the best protection for your vehicle and your passengers. They can reduce UV rays by up to 98%, leaving your vehicle more comfortably cool and private while also protecting your leather interiors from sun damage.

Metallic Tint

This is a type of ceramic tint that has metallic flakes pressed into the film as an additional layer of protection against UV rays. This type of tint is less expensive than ceramic tint but performs better than traditional dyed films, the cheapest option. Metallic car window tints provide the perfect blend of value and performance.

Which type of Mesa car window tint is the best choice for your vehicle will depend on your budget, goals, and personal preference. Ask your window tint shop which type of window tint they recommend for your vehicle!

Finding The Ultimate Window Tint For Your Vehicle

There are so many brands of window tint available on the market, so ask your trusted window tint installation professionals which brand they recommend for your vehicle. It’s always best to select a high quality brand that will provide a lifetime of excellent performance and offer the best protection for your leather interior. You’ll also want to work with a professional window tint installer who offers a generous warranty package so that your window tint is guaranteed against damage and defects.

Whichever brand or type of window tint you choose, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your leather interiors are protected from the sun’s UV rays and the risk of fading or cracking.

Get The Best Window Tint In Arizona With AZ Wrap & Tint

At AZ Wrap & Tint, our professionals have the done work of finding the best window tints available on the market. We are setting industry standards with our outstanding installation services, lifetime warranty, and dedication to detail on each job that comes through our shop. If you’re ready to protect your vehicle’s leather from Arizona’s intense sun, contact our professionals today to get the best window tint applied to your vehicle. Proactive protection for your vehicle’s leather interior is just a phone call away! 

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