Using Window Tints To Keep Your Car Cooler

Do you like having an air-conditioned car? A lot of people do, especially in Arizona. Nevertheless, when you are on a tight budget, you must look for cheaper alternatives. Many people believe that Mesa car window tinting reduces car temperature. But is it true or not? 

The short answer is yes, window tinting is a great technique to shield yourself and other car passengers from ultraviolet and infrared rays. As a result, you will experience a comfortable ride in the car with lower interior heat levels despite the hot outside temperatures.

It seems strange that such a thin coating could dramatically lower the inside temperature of your car. However, if you learn about the characteristics of the substance used for this, things become clearer. 

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Does Window Tint Help To Keep Your Car Cool?

Most drivers are unsure if window tinting helps reduce heat inside their vehicles, especially on sweltering summer days. We can say in a nutshell that yes, it is a great technique to effectively lower the temperature inside a car and block out UV radiation.

You can find many kinds of window tints nowadays, but they are all essentially translucent clear coatings made of polyester. All the variations arise after mixing with a few other coloring agents, such as dye, ceramic, or metal.

After applying this thin film to the inside window, it will block visible light. An unprotected window (especially without Car window tinting in Mesa) can transmit about 90% of visible light, which is a lot! Nonetheless, depending on the tint, the film lessens that number to some level. 

This tint layer also shields the automobile interior from UV and IR radiation. The fundamentals of physics demonstrate that they heat the area, hence their blocking reduces the temperature. These actions will keep your car cooler.

Since UV light is strongly linked to skin cancer, tinting also protects your health.

The Level of UV Radiation Reduction

Window tinting prevents UV rays from entering the car, but the extent of that prevention varies greatly. It relies on the following:

  • Your car’s model
  • The window’s design
  • The quality of the tint
  • The shade’s efficiency level

For example, most window tints block 25 to 45% of UV and IR wavelengths. Certain high-end film varieties can cut heat by 75 to 85% and UV radiation by up to 99%. 

Additionally, this film will lessen the demand for air conditioning, resulting in less gasoline used. The best feature is that, despite the absence of shade, tinted windows continue to block heat while the car is parked. You can use your automobile at the moment rather than waiting for it to cool off with the doors open.

Car window tinting in Mesa is more than useful to keep your car cooler almost always, so you should consider it while looking for an air conditioner!

Knowing The Different Window Tints

Clear Window Tint

This window tint will effectively filter UV rays without altering the appearance of your automobile or reducing your visibility while driving. However, it won’t shield you from heat.

Colored Window Film

It is an affordable alternative for UV protection, but it is not the best solution for lowering the temperature inside the car. 

You may personalize this tint to your preferences because it is available in many tint percentages and colors. Despite its durability, you should expect fading, bubbles, and scratches over time.

Metallic Window Film

This tint blocks UV radiation and heat at the same time. It will reflect the sun’s rays to keep the interior of the automobile cooler.

It also lessens interior deterioration and improves driving comfort. Even though you still need to park your car in the shade, the tinting will keep a leather seat from becoming unbearably hot during the summer.

The metalized tint is the best choice for families with young children and animals because of its scratch-resistant properties. Unfortunately, this Mesa car window tinting usually interferes with GPS and cell phone signals.

Mixed Tint

This coating combines metallic and dyed particles to reduce heat without darkening windows.

The best part is that you will get all the advantages of metalized and dyed hues without suffering any negative effects. It shields users from the heat, UV radiation, and obtrusive glare without affecting electronics.

Crystalline Film

If you prefer tinted windows without a dimmer effect, crystalline tints are your best choice. These coatings protect solar heat and UV rays without causing any noticeable changes to the windows.

Ceramic Window Tint

This tint type is available in many tones and sheens, so it effectively protects your car from heat and UV rays. It also enhances sight when driving and shields your vehicle’s interior from glare.

Since it is a metal-free tint, you won’t experience signal interference when using a cell phone, satellite radio, or GPS. Unfortunately, this choice is somewhat pricey.

Finding The Best Car Window Tinting In Arizona

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