Be Aware Of These 5 Mistakes When Getting Your Car Wrapped

If you’re thinking about getting your car wrapped, you want to make sure that it forms a good first impression, especially if you are using the car wrap to advertise your business. Mistakes on your car wrap will stick out like a sore thumb, making a bad impression and leaving your vehicle looking terrible.

The best way to get a great car wrap is to work experienced professionals who specialize in wrap and tint. They will put their knowledge to work helping you attain amazing results for your vehicle.

Some common car wrap mistakes to avoid include:

Getting a Car Wrapped in Arizona

Lacking a Clear Audience

Wrapping your car as a way to advertise your business is a fun and eye-catching way to help people find your name. but in order for this to look good and be successful, you need a consistent market strategy, target audience, and clear message that matches your brand. Doing something that is different from your established marketing could hurt your bottom line and render your advertising ineffective. Keep your Mesa car vinyl wrap colorful, attractive, and descriptive. Consider a catchy slogan that fits your business or a fun graphic that matches your industry. Your goal is to seem competent, friendly, and knowledgeable while making it easy for people to see your profession from a distance.

Guessing On The Size Of Your Car Wrap

Each vehicle will require its own custom car wrap. Even different years and models of the same type of vehicle will have very different measurements. That’s why it’s really important to be sure that your measurements are done right and checked at least once. Never guess what size wrap your vehicle needs! If your car wrap is too small, it won’t cover the surface of your car. An oversized wrap will miss important details and won’t fit properly. Patching the wrong size wrap can be expensive and doesn’t look as good as having the right sized wrap in the first place.

Using Car Wrap To Cover Damage

Sometimes people don’t want to use car wrap to advertise a business, but rather to cover up flaws, scratches, dents, and other damage to their vehicle. Although car wraps do protect paint and can make it much harder to scratch your car, don’t use Scottsdale paint protection film to cover up a fender bender or other damage. In order to bind well to your car, the car wrap adhesive needs a clean and flat surface. Any damage, such as major dents or scratches, will reduce the surface area for the adhesive, causing it to not stick as well. Plus, if your vehicle has been dented or damaged, it’s likely that you can peel off a section of paint with your fingers. This can cause your car wrap to peel off with the paint as the damage spreads over time. in the end, your entire vehicle can look even worse. Before you get your vehicle wrapped, be sure to have any damage carefully repaired by a professional.

Not Planning Enough Time For The Job

Car wrapping is a specialty job that requires careful planning, cleaning, and application. Designing and printing the wrap will also take time. Once you’ve brought in your vehicle for a car wrap job, don’t plan to use the vehicle until the job is finished. Because the wrapping process is delicate and time consuming, you want your professionals to have the time they need to do the job right. Avoid scheduling a car wrap for a time when you are very busy or will need your vehicle; listen carefully to your Phoenix car vinyl wrap professionals and let them have the time they need to prepare, install, and cure your new wrap for the best results.

Not Maintaining Your Car Wrap

Car wraps are very different from paint. This means you cannot subject your wrap to all of the same conditions as a vehicle that is not wrapped. For example, only use mild soaps when cleaning your vehicle, avoiding any harsh ingredients or chemicals that can break down the wrap. It’s also a good idea to avoid pressure washers and automatic car washes, which can be too rough for the car wrap materials.

Get Your Vehicle Wrapped With Arizona’s Car Wrap Experts

Avoid common mistakes and get a car wrap you love when you work with the professionals at AZ Wrap and Tint. Whether you want your windows tinted or your car completely wrapped, we have the expertise you need for a job well done! We use only the highest quality wraps and the latest technology to give your vehicle an amazing wrap that is durable and long lasting. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get an estimate for your car wrap. 

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