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AZ Wrap & Tint is proud to be Arizona’s leading provider of paint protection films, ceramic coatings, vinyl wrap, and window tint. Whether you want to customize your vehicle, reduce glare from the sun, or protect your vehicle’s appearance, we are confident you’ll be satisfied with our work! Our experienced professionals use only the highest quality products on the market and will carefully handle every detail from start to finish. Call us today to schedule your free Tempe clear bra consultation!

We Work With 3M, XPEL & Other PPF Brands
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Protect Your Car with Tempe’s Leading Clear Bra Installers

A clear bra, also known as a paint protection film, offers many benefits to your vehicle. This thin layer of urethane is carefully applied to your vehicle to offer impressive protection for your car’s paint against scratches, chips, and general wear and tear. You’ll love the shiny appearance that a Tempe clear bra adds to your vehicle, making it look brand new. Most notably, Tempe paint protection films are self-healing as they withstand scratches and other types of damage.

Why Choose Tempe’s Preferred PPF & Clear Bra Shop

Benefits of Installing Paint Protection Film on Your Car’s Exterior
PPF And Clear Bra Protects Your Car Against Chips And Scratches

Protection from Chips, Scratches & More

A clear bra offers superior protection to your vehicle’s paint against chips, scratches, weather damage, and other sources of wear and tear, helping your vehicle look brand new and shiny!

PPF Provides Resistance Against Water And Chemicals

Resistance to Water & Chemicals

When your Tempe clear bra installers apply a paint protection film to your vehicle, you’ll enjoy excellent resistance to water and chemicals that can eat away at your vehicle’s paint.

PPF Helps Preserve Your Car’s Factory Finish

Preserve Your Car’s Factory Finish

Many drivers opt for paint protection films from their Tempe car clear bra installer in order to preserve the beautiful factory finish on their vehicle. PPF keeps your vehicle looking new, shiny, and clean.

PPF Car Paint Protection Is Long-Lasting And Durable

Long-Lasting & Durable PPF

We use only the highest quality products in the industry to ensure a long lasting, durable finish that can withstand the elements, sources of damage, and general wear and tear.

Car Paint Protection Film Provides Protection Against UV Rays And Rust

Protection from UV Rays And Rust

Protect your vehicle from the harsh Arizona sun, rust, and other sources of fading and damage with a Tempe paint protection film installed by our trusted professionals. Call us for a free consultation!

Car Paint Protection Films Are Easy To Clean And Replace

Easy to Clean And Replace

We are confident you’ll love the way a clear bra looks on your vehicle. Plus, they make cleaning so easy! After its long life, it’s easy to replace a clear bra so your vehicle keeps looking amazing.

Our XPEL & 3M Paint Protection Film Has

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Get Self-Healing Car XPEL And 3M Paint Protection Film Near Tempe

Self Healing

Get Absolute Clarity And Protection For Cars Near Tempe

Absolute Clarity & Protection

Get Stain And Discoloration Resistant Paint Protection Film Near Tempe

Stain & Discoloration Resistant

10 Year Warranty With All Our 3M And XPEL Paint Protection Film

10 Year Warranty

Our Clients’ Reviews

5-Star Rated Google Review

5-Star Rated Paint Protection Film Installations In Tempe

I went to AZ Wrap and Tint for a clear bra and window tint. The service was great and the experience was top notch! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Robert Smith – Gilbert, AZ
Professional Test Driver

Five Star Client Testimonial
Red Audi With Clear Bra And Window Tint Installed At Our Shop Near Tempe
I had my car windows tinted by AZ Wrap and Tint, and I am very happy with the results. They did an excellent job and the service was great. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for window tinting in Gilbert.

Tempe’s Best-Rated Paint Protection Film Installation Shop

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AZ Wrap & Tint is Arizona’s leading provider of brand-name Tempe paint protection films. Our dedicated shop was built with no expense spared and offers climate control, premium ventilation, and a clean environment for the highest installation standards. We are conveniently located in Gilbert and service vehicles throughout the Valley. Call our Tempe clear bra installers today for your free consultation!

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FAQ About Auto Clear Bra Installations

At AZ Wrap & Tint, our professionals stand behind our products and our experienced installation services. We offer generous warranty packages on all of our services, including a 10 year guarantee on the XPEL and 3M paint protection films that we use. To learn more about our warranties and how a paint protection film installation can benefit your vehicle, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.
Our trusted Tempe paint protection film installers can work with any model or make vehicle. However, paint protection films are not a great choice for every vehicle. If your vehicle already has a ceramic coating applied to it, we cannot install a clear bra because the chemicals will not adhere to the ceramic coating surface. Vehicles that are not in good condition or very rusted should not receive paint protection film. At your free consultation at AZ Wrap & Tint, we will review your vehicle’s condition and determine whether paint protection film is a good option for you.
If you choose partial paint protection film coverage for your vehicle, we can typically complete the job in 1-3 days, depending on a variety of factors. Full coverage jobs can take up to a week to complete, but we promise that the wait is worth it! An optimal paint protection film installation will include a paint correction job, deep cleaning, and other preparation before the film is applied. Our experienced professionals will pay careful attention to every detail of the Tempe clear bra process to ensure a flawless finish that is free of wrinkles and bubbles. Once the film has been applied, it will take another week to finish the curing process.
We offer only the highest quality paint protection films on the market. However, paint protection films and ceramic coatings are clear and will not change the color of your vehicle. They will improve the shininess and durability of your vehicle’s paint. If you want to change the color of your vehicle, we recommend a paint job or a vinyl wrap before applying a paint protection film.
If your Tempe paint protection film is properly cared for, you can expect a lifespan of 7-10 years. We offer a generous warranty package that covers your paint protection film for up to 10 years. Our professional installers will provide guidance on how to wash and care for your clear bra to promote a long lifespan that will keep your vehicle looking shiny, brand new, and free of flaws!
Yes, in most cases our Tempe paint protection film professionals are able to install a clear bra over a vinyl wrap. This is only recommended if you are satisfied with the color of your vehicle and not planning to change it. Schedule your free consultation with one of the installation professionals at AZ Wrap & Tint to learn more about your options and how we can customize your vehicle to match your goals.
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