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AZ Wrap & Tint is Tempe’s leading provider of ceramic coating services for vehicles of all types. Our professional installers have extensive experience to ensure a perfect finish every time and use only the highest quality ceramic products on the market.

We Offer Ceramic Coating Services From Top Brands Like 3M, Avery, & More
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Trusted Car Ceramic Coating Shop Providing Services Near Tempe

Prevent Damage From Chemicals, UV Rays, & More with a Layer of Protection

Arizona’s harsh sun rays cause fading and damage to vehicle paint, leaving it looking dull and unkept. With a Tempe ceramic coating from AZ Wrap & Tint, your vehicle will look brand new all year round.

Benefits of Installing Ceramic Coating on Your Vehicle

Get Your Car Ceramic Coated by Experienced Installers in Tempe
Alfa Romeo Barchetta Coupe Protected With Ceramic Coating For UV Rays And Heat

Protect Your Car’s Surface from UV Rays & Heat

Ceramic coatings offer a proven way to protect the surface of your vehicle from UV rays, extreme heat, the elements, and other sources of damage. Call our team of trusted professionals today!

Car Ceramic Coatings Extend The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle’s Paint Finish

Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Its Best for Years To Come

With Tempe ceramic coating from a leading professional installer, your vehicle will look shiny and new for years to come. A quality ceramic coating that is properly cared for can outlive our vehicle!

Protect Your Car’s Paint from Rock Chips And Scratches With Car Ceramic Coatings

Protect Your Car’s Paint from Rock Chips, Dirt, Mud, & Scratches

Tempe ceramic coatings from a certified installer offer a stable layer of protection for your vehicle’s paint against rocks, chips, dirt, scratches, the elements, and other damage.

Clear Bra Installation To Protect Your Car's Glossy Shine

Give Your Car Paint’s Finish a Glossy Shine

After they leave the sales lot, most vehicles begin to look dull and lifeless. A Tempe ceramic coating offers glossy shine and brilliance for many years to come with a generous warranty.

Ceramic Coating Offer Hydrophobic Interiors And Resistance to Chemical Stains

Hydrophobic Interiors & Resistance to Chemical Stains

Protect your vehicle from water, weather, chemicals, and staining when you apply a high quality ceramic coating. Your car will be easier and faster to clean and look better for longer.

Ceramic Coated Cars Are Easier To Clean And Require Less Maintenance

Easier to Clean & Requires Less Maintenance

Ceramic coatings are very easy to maintain. With proper care, they may last longer than your vehicle! Make your vehicle easy to clean and enjoy a rich glossy shine when you choose ceramic coatings.

Our Ceramic Coating Services:

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Get Ceramic Coating With Self Healing Properties Near Tempe

Self Healing

Ceramic Coating Provides Absolute Clarity And Protection

Absolute Clarity & Protection

Get Stain And Discoloration Resistant Ceramic Coatings Near Tempe

Stain & Discoloration Resistant

Ceramic Coatings With 10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

  • 1 Year

    Ceramic Coatings


  • 3 Year

    Ceramic Coatings


  • 6 Year

    Ceramic Coatings


Interior & Single Areas Ceramic Coatings

Quality Ceramic Coatings For Wheels Face Near Tempe

Wheels Face

Starting at $250

Quality Ceramic Coatings For Wheels And Calipers Near Tempe

Wheels & Calipers

Starting at $450

Quality Car Interior Coating Installations Near Tempe

Interior Coating

Starting at $250

Quality Car Windshield Coating Installations Near Tempe

Windshield Coating

Starting at $100

Quality Full Glass Coating Installations For Cars And Other Vehicles Near Tempe

Full Glass Coating

Starting at $250

Our Clients’ Testimonials

5-Star Rated Google Review

5-Star Rated Car Ceramic Coating Shop Near Tempe

I went to AZ Wrap and Tint for a clear bra and window tint. The service was great and the experience was top notch! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Robert Smith – Gilbert, AZ
Professional Test Driver

Five Star Client Testimonial
Red Audi With Clear Bra And Window Tint
I had my car windows tinted by AZ Wrap and Tint, and I am very happy with the results. They did an excellent job and the service was great. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for window tinting in Gilbert.

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Highly Qualified & Experienced Car Ceramic Coating Installers

The professional Tempe ceramic coating installers at AZ Wrap & Tint have several years of experience in the industry and work with only the highest quality brands on the market, including Avery and 3M. Each job is carefully prepared, installed, and inspected with the highest possible standards in our dedicated workshop.

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FAQ About Auto Ceramic Coating

Depending on which type of ceramic coating you choose and how it is maintained, you can expect your Tempe ceramic coating to last for 1-7 years or longer. Many ceramic coatings will outlive the vehicle they are installed on! Our Tempe ceramic coating technicians will help you understand the easy maintenance that is recommended for the ultimate lifespan of your new ceramic coating. We do recommend having your ceramic coating inspected and re-coating every 12-18 months to ensure full protection for your vehicle’s paint and ultimate shine.

Our Tempe ceramic coating shop has developed a reputation as one of Arizona’s leading providers of ceramic coating, vinyl wrapping, paint protection films, window tints, and other protective and customized services for vehicles. We stand 100% behind all of our work and offer a generous warranty package on all of our services. Ask your technician for details on the service you’re looking for when you schedule your consultation at our shop.

Maintenance and care of your vehicle after a ceramic coating job is simple. Whenever possible, park your vehicle out of the elements. We recommend washing your vehicle bi-weekly to maintain full shine and cleanliness, and to keep any unwanted dust and other potentially harmful substances off of your vehicle. Only use mild soaps and a gentle cloth, such as microfiber to wash your vehicle. You can use a car wash, but we only recommend touchless car washes. Never use harsh soaps, chemicals, or rough brushes to ensure a long life for your new Tempe ceramic coating.

Car wax is a layer on top of your vehicle’s paint. Although it provides some protection and water resistance, it will need to be replaced frequently. Ceramic coatings undergo a chemical reaction and actually bond to the paint of your vehicle, which is what gives it such intense durability and long life. There are benefits to both car wax and ceramic coating; if you’re wondering which is better for your vehicle, schedule a consultation with a technician at AZ Wrap & Tint.

Ceramic coatings are tough and durable, but require good maintenance for an optimal lifespan. We recommend using a mild soap and gentle cloth, such as microfiber, to clean your vehicle’s ceramic coating. If you decide to use a car wash, be sure to use only a touchless car wash, because the rough bristles from other types of car washes can weaken ceramic coating over time, reducing its effectiveness at protecting your vehicle’s paint and preventing damage.
Our expert Tempe ceramic coating technicians can apply one of our high quality ceramic coatings over the leather interiors of your vehicles. This can provide an outstanding layer of protection for your leather seats and is especially recommended for hot climates like Arizona. Ceramic coating on leather is especially beneficial at protecting leather from the effects of heat and UV rays through the window while prolonging the life of leather interiors and protecting against damage from wear, tear, stains, and spills inside your vehicle.
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