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At AZ Wrap & Tint, we are ready to help you protect yourself from the sun and its glare with window tinting. Think of it like sunglasses for your car. If you are a Scottsdale resident, contact us today to learn more!

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XPEL Ceramic Car Window Tint Installation Services Near Scottsdale

Add Style & UV Ray Protection To Your Car With Nano Ceramic Window Film

Having window tint can add a lot of style points to your car, and you can also drive for long periods of time and not worry about possibly getting burned by the rays of the sun. That second part is due to the strong protection of the wind tint. This will make road trips across Arizona very pleasant to undertake.

Why Choose Our Scottsdale Automotive Window Tinting Services

Benefits Of Installing Ceramic Window Film On Your Car’s Surface
 Car With High Heat And Chemical Resistance Window Tints

High Heat & Chemical Resistance

The Scottsdale heat can be unrelenting. You won’t have to worry about it damaging your window tint, though, since it is made to withstand that. The same thing goes for any possible chemicals that could damage other cars. You will be able to sit behind your wheel secure in the knowledge that you are safe from these issues.

Our Window Tint With UV Ray Protection Provides A Cool Car Interior

UV Ray Protection & Cool Car Interior

Window tinting can not only make your car look aesthetically pleasing, but the dark tinting helps keep your car’s interior stay cooler for longer by protecting it from the dangerous heat and UV rays present in the Scottsdale heat.

Our Phoenix Car Window Tint Protect Your Windows And Windshield From Scratches

Scratch-Resistant Windows & Windshields

Window tint also adds protection for your windows. From road debris to accidents, window tinting provides an extra layer of protection against any object that comes crushing against your windows or windowshield, and keeps any broken glass together for safety.

Phoenix Window Tinting Improve Users' Comfort, Privacy And Security

Improved Comfort, Privacy & Security

There is something comforting about being able to drive around knowing that people are not going to be peeking into your windows at traffic lights. The interior will be cooler and you will feel good about being in your car as you make your way around Scottsdale.

Window Tinting Tends To Hold Broken Glass In Accidents

Tends To Hold Broken Glass In Accidents

The window tint that we use is strong. When non-treated windows are hit, they can shatter, which can be a big health risk to you. That is largely not the case, since the window tint holds that glass in. You can feel more assured driving with our work on your car.

Window Tint Can Help Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Cars with tinted windows just look cool. If you put yours on the market, it will likely draw more attention, especially if you post photos of it. Be ready to get a lot of offers.

Our XPEL High Quality Window Film Provides

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Window Tinting Installation Near Phoenix, AZ With Self Healing Properties

Self Healing

Window Tinting With Absolute Clarity Vision And Protection

Absolute Clarity & Protection

Phoenix Window Tinting Is Resistant To Stains And Discoloration

Stain & Discoloration Resistant

Window Tinting Installation Near Phoenix With 10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

Our Clients’ Testimonials

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Scottsdale Window Tint Shop With 5-Star Rated Reviews

I went to AZ Wrap and Tint for a clear bra and window tint. The service was great and the experience was top notch! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Robert Smith – Gilbert, AZ
Professional Test Driver

Five Star Client Testimonial
Red Audi With Clear Bra And Window Tint
I had my car windows tinted by AZ Wrap and Tint, and I am very happy with the results. They did an excellent job and the service was great. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for window tinting in Gilbert.

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Local Window Tinting Installers Near The Scottsdale Area

We have helped many Scottsdale residents get the great-looking windows that they deserve for many years. That dedication has enabled us to have the reputation as being the best in the area. We put every customer’s needs first. Check out our reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Maps.

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FAQ About Our Window Tint Services Near Scottsdale

The main difference is how the tint looks. The nano one looks more like a matte finish and the other is lighter in color. Both are great, but you should get the one that suits your tastes the best. Our staff is ready to help you with any questions about the differences between the two.
This depends on how large your car is. Usually, you can expect to wait around two to four hours to get the window tint installed. We will give you an estimate on how long it will take when you bring your car in. We pride ourselves on doing efficient work for you and giving you superior results.
Yes, we do offer a warranty. That is because we strongly believe in our window tint installers and we know that they will do a perfectly professional job each and every time. Come talk to us if something happens after normal use and you have also followed all the post-installation instructions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Typically, you should wait around 24 hours before rolling down your newly-tinted windows. That will allow the film to adhere to your window and not be affected by the window going up or down. If you do it too early, it might result in your having to come back in to have the job done again. Our experts will give you all the care instructions you need.
No. Ceramic and nano window tints are designed specifically to keep your window tint from fading over the course of time. That is why we consider this a better choice than standard window tint. The longer you can have this type of tint, the more it will pay for itself due to its longevity.
Yes. There is a certain level of window tint that could theoretically impair your driving. If Arizona police think your windows are too dark, they can pull you over and check your tint levels versus the maximum allowable level. If you have any questions, our tinting experts will gladly answer anything that comes to your mind.
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