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Clear Bra is a layer of paint protection film that acts as a shield to keep the surface of your car looking great and protect the paint job from things like rocks on the road or other things that could affect it. It is an excellent way to protect your car. Our experts can do the job effectively and for a very affordable price. Feel free to contact us today at AZ Window and Tint.

We Work With 3M, XPEL & Other PPF Brands
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XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation Services Near Mesa

Protect Your Car’s Paint Finish With Our High Quality Clear Bra

You can be confident that your car is protected when our experts at AZ Window and Tint apply the Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film to its surface. It is durable and long-lasting and will keep the surface safe from the elements and other things that can scratch or damage the paint job. It will be an excellent investment to keep your car looking great over the years. Our experts will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

Why Choose Our Mesa PPF & Clear Bra Shop

Benefits Of Installing Paint Protection Film On Your Car’s Surface
Car Paint Protection Film Provides Protection Against Chips & Scratches

Protection From Chips, Scratches & More

When we apply the paint protection film on your car, it will be protected from scratches or abrasions. You will be able to drive with more confidence.

Car Paint Protection Film Is Resistant To Water And Chemicals

Resistance To Water & Chemicals

There are a lot of things that can be harsh on your car’s paint job. Yes, hard water can be one of those. The same with certain chemicals found in some cleaning products.

Car Paint Protection Film Can Preserve Your Car’s Factory Finish

Preserve Your Car’s Factory Finish

You love how your car looks when you first get it. That gleaming factory finish is dazzling. By getting paint protection film, you can keep it looking like that.

PPF Car Paint Protection Is Long-Lasting And Durable

Long-Lasting & Durable PPF

The PPF that we use will keep your car’s paint job looking great for a long time. It will be like new for years to come.

Car Paint Protection Film Provides Protection Against UV Rays And Rust

Protection From UV Rays And Rust

When it comes to the aesthetics of your car’s paint job, rust and UV rays are two things that can seriously damage it in the long run. Our PPF protects it from that.

Car Paint Protection Films Are Easy To Clean And Replace

Easy To Clean And Replace

When you have PPF on your car, it is easy to clean it. The dirt will come off. Also, our experts can quickly remove it and replace it with another one.

Our XPEL & 3M Paint Protection Film Has

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Car XPEL And 3M Paint Protection Film Installation With Self Healing Properties Near Mesa

Self Healing

Car XPEL And 3M Paint Protection Film Installation With Absolute Clarity Near Mesa

Absolute Clarity & Protection

Car XPEL And 3M Paint Protection Film Is Resistant To Stains And Discoloration

Stain & Discoloration Resistant

Car XPEL And 3M Paint Protection Film Installation Near Mesa With 10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

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Mesa Clear Bra Shop With 5-Star Rated Reviews

I went to AZ Wrap and Tint for a clear bra and window tint. The service was great and the experience was top notch! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Robert Smith – Gilbert, AZ
Professional Test Driver

Five Star Client Testimonial
Red Audi With Clear Bra And Window Tint
I had my car windows tinted by AZ Wrap and Tint, and I am very happy with the results. They did an excellent job and the service was great. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for window tinting in Gilbert.

Mesa’s Leading Paint Protection Film Installers

Automotive PPF Shop With Years Of Experience

When you bring your car to AZ Wrap and Tint to have a PPF layer applied, you can be confident that you are having the best workers in Mesa doing the job. They have years of experience and know how to install it perfectly. You will love the results. Feel free to check our reviews on Yelp and Google Maps.

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FAQ About Our Car Clear Bra Services

Yes, if you want to protect the paint job on your car, truck, SUV, or whatever type of vehicle you prefer, our Mesa car paint protection film can be custom-cut to fit it perfectly. Not only can PPF help protect your car’s original paint, but it is also easy to clean and replace, making your car look shiny and new.
Yes, we believe in the work that our experts do. That is why we warranty their work. Contact us if anything happens to it during normal usage of your car. We will work to make it right for you. Our goal is to have happy customers.
This depends on what areas of the car you want to protect. It can take anywhere between one to four hours for our experts to install the Clear Bra. They use their years of experience to do the job as quickly and effectively as they possibly can.
Yes! If you get tired of the same color and wish to remove or update it, paint protection film can easily be removed using a heat source such as a steamer, heat gun, or hairdryer, although it is always recommended to visit a specialized workshop to avoid any damage to your car. If you wish to remove or replace your car’s current PPF contact our team at (480) 535-5285.
Your PPF can last up to a decade if you take really good care of it. The best thing to do is to contact an expert here at AZ Wrap and Tint if you notice that something is happening to the film. Then they can replace it for you for a great price.
Yes, we can put PPF over vinyl wrap. It will give it an extra layer of protection and it will also help keep any graphics on the wrap looking perfect over the course of time. You can always ask our knowledgeable experts if you have any questions.
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